Paper Navigations: Lloyd Hotel: Amsterdam

It’s good to be back at the Lloyd Hotel for another Paper Navigations workshop!

There was special post waiting, from Flow Magazine and Like Stationery

We got straight down to mapping and charting

The team from Elbel Libro wowed us with detail of the finest bindings

Any time in Amsterdam is incomplete without a visit to Posthumus Winkel. We had a arranged a wax seal demo, which was so brilliant that I now have the potential to heart-seal every envelope and parcel…

Ah Vlieger! You are the BEST art shop ever – so many must-have tools and materials. I wish we were closer

Although the weather for our exclusive boat trip was not conventionally wonderful, we LOVED the empty canals and different perspectives

Susanna embraced the conditions and made them work for her. These watery marks became the base for the finest line drawings of Dutch gables

Carmen’s dynamic sketch belies the drenched surroundings

A word map by Marchell

Here’s our bright airy studio space, suspended in the elevated design heights of the Lloyd Hotel

Nienke maps her brain in full colour collage

Henriette’s extraordinary three dimensional phrenological head

Jan charts her multi-lingual, multi-media journey

We went to Like Stationery because we like stationery

…and Boekie Woekie, because we love books! Artist’s books!

Luggage tag tales

Paper cut world

Discovering the incredible Mouse Mansion was this year’s top find, and is now firmly on any future Paper Navigations itinerary

A Monday morning mission to Noordermarkt for apple pie and flea market finds

The grand finale of our folding – hurray for maps, paper and shadows!

Thank you Paper Navigators!

This workshop was fueled by Tony’s Chocolonely…

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