Textile Narratives at Chateau Dumas

Good Morning from Chateau Dumas!

…When I saw these type trays propped in the entrance arch, I knew i’d arrived in the right place

Our Textile Narratives studio for the week!

Sumptuously stocked with everything we could desire to stitch with…

What colour thread would you like?

We began with folds

Wire shadow drawings

Here are the sun-warmed steps to our work space

Every morning and afternoon, tea was served on this table, amongst all the textures

Dreamy picnic, in the splendid company of Christine Meyer and her upcycled fashion drapers

Stepping down to the pool

…for daily dips in salt water

Wonderful woad-dying day

Peggy had the genius idea to create a tonal sequence of hankerchiefs. (That’s a narrative right there)

One of Debra’s pockets.

The main book structure was folded from rag-rich Zaanschbord from a windmill in the Netherlands

The amazing button-man brought a van full of exceptional wares, much to our delight

Oh the boxes! Such treasure!

Handmade invitations for the final show

Comrades-in-Textiles examining the weeks creations. Note tailor-made outfits

Debra’s embroidered scroll, parcels of small books and woad-dyed pocket for her Textile Narrative

The most enticing of titles?

Andrea’s pocketfuls of wonder

Happy testimonials

Did I mention the rosé? We were SO well fed and watered.

Thank you Sarah!

The Textile Narratives bookart workshop was a collaboration with Chateau Dumas and Selvedge Magazine

Thank you Lizzie, for having a chateau-full of stories to stitch

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