The Travelling Bookbinder: 2017 Review

Whoah! How’s your year been? Take a moment to consider all the things you have done in 2017.

Here’s a swift review from The Travelling Bookbinder:

January: Reflecting and planning, helped by misty horizons and island perspectives.

February: Getting excited about the five week PaperLove e-course. Welcoming Alumni to an exclusive Edinburgh workshop.

March: Elemental pleasures on the Iona Driftwood Binding Retreat.

April: A residency and the annual workshop at a Scottish island lighthouse.

May: Mallorca holiday: Stepping up, taking in the views.

June: A workshop with Flow magazine in a magical greenhouse at Snorfabriek Utrecht.

July: Delighted at the enthusiastic response to my NEW online course BookLove!

August: The bliss of stitching Textile Narratives at Chateau Dumas, with Selvedge magazine.

September: Exploring Paper Navigations at the Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam.

October: A bookbinding special: Three Structures Workshop, Edinburgh, using gorgeous Cambridge Imprint papers.

November: Expressive inkery on the exceptional Paris Love Letters class.

December: Star making: Festive bookart at Golden Hare Bookshop.

Keep making, resisting, progressing!

Thank you for a splendid year, Best and bookiest, Rachel

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