Shetland Lighthouse Workshop 2018

There’s something wonderful about staying at a lighthouse; the symbolism, the remote location, the fresh air….

…and all the more special when you have ventured to the edge of the world to make books!

The first morning was bright and breezy. Looking over the lighthouse wall to see the pairs of fulmars and lively sea.

Our studio, with a view along the coast.

It’s very satisfying pricking holes in paper! Marking up the spine, preparing to sew.

Here are Debra’s stitched series, in their own bespoke slipcase.

This is tusk from the Hand Made Fish Co, about to go in the oven. When I went to collect the order, Dave told me the name of the fisherman and his boat, and where the fish was caught (West of Foula.)

Once the structures had been made, it was time to embellish and personalise each book. The sewn pattern on the spine put Kit in mind of silver birches, so she covered the whole of the outside with them!

Debra knitted page-sized sample stitches to suit each of the Shetland locations in her books.

Such as this wavy texture.

Mavina printed and painted an exquisite collection of books, filled with Shetland words and birds.

The tactile beauty of Betsy’s bindings, so reminiscent of the landscape around us.

Three full days went by too fast.

Everyone made the most of every minute, working late or waking early. Doesn’t Kit’s set of books look great?

After the workshop was over, I climbed up high above the lighthouse for a clear perspective over the sound.

Thank you Beatrice at the Speldiburn Cafe (for cake) and the Peerie Shop Cafe (for soup.) Both delicious.

9 thoughts on “Shetland Lighthouse Workshop 2018

    1. Thanks for your message Tina! The Shetland workshop is fully booked i’m afraid (and not at the lighthouse this year…) Bests, Rachel

  1. I lived in Shetland as a little girl. My father was born there. One day I hope to go back.

  2. I lived in Shetland as a little girl. My father was born there. One day I hope to go back.

    1. Dear Nancy, Thanks for your patience! The schedule for next year will be revealed to subscribers this week! Best and bookiest, Rachel

    1. Dear Deborah, The 2024 Shetland dates are live on this website – please click on the Workshops tab! Subscribers to the newsletter will receive the full schedule in the next week. The workshop is now located at the Peerie Shop in Lerwick. Look forward to meeting and making with you there! Best and bookies, Rachel

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