Bound:15 Beautiful Bookbinding Projects

What an extraordinary feeling to have a book out in the world! Bound:15 Beautiful Bookbinding Projects can now be found on bookshop shelves from Mornington, Australia to Marseilles, France.


Gorgeous messages of enthusiasm have flown into my inbox:

“My copy of Bound was waiting for me when I came back from my forest walk today. I love it. It’s beautifully written, illustrated and produced and is so inspirational.” Jenny

Pre-launch celebrations began in Penzance, where the delectable No.56 hosted an evening of book signings and stationery delight. A local (self confessed) book geek blogger came by for an interview. Unsurprisingly, a quantity of inks and pens were also purchased.

Publication week began with a workshop for seventy in the hallowed halls of Hachette. No no…not daunting at all….

Hand-wrapped bars of Coco’s Gin & Tonic chocolate were delivered to all those involved in the production of Bound.

The London launch of Bound, in the shape of a sell-out workshop, was hosted at the legendary Foyles on Charing Cross Road. There was much folding and creating, all kept safe in a bright yellow origami envelope.

Meeting book-loving people and writing personal dedications on the fly-leaf of Bound is fast becoming a favourite occupation.

Discovering copies on the Golden Hare’s “Books of the Month” display shelves brings all smiles.

The Edinburgh launch was a most joyful event, from the atmospheric location to themed wine. There was a Q&A and a quiz, with prizes! Huge thanks to the best indy bookshop for a splendid evening.

It’s such a pleasure to know that people are folding and cutting, sewing and gluing all these books together.

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Publishers Weekly has reviewed Bound.

Bound:15 Beautiful Bookbinding projects is published by Kyle Books, an imprint of Octopus. The incredible photographs are by Susan Bell.


2 thoughts on “Bound:15 Beautiful Bookbinding Projects

  1. As soon as I read this post I ordered “Bound” from Amazon, it arrived yesterday. What an extraordinary feast for the eyes! I’m not much beyond the introduction of materials and tools, but already I am loving the beauty of the books you share with us. Not only are books I read a big part of my life but have also begun to search for beautifully bound books to look at (and touch if I’m allowed!)
    What a joy to think that I can make books that will bring me happiness and perhaps even others will find beauty in them too!
    I doubt I will ever be able to have the opportunity to take an in-person class with you (age, distance and dollars are such boring impediments) but your book has opened a hidden door into a whole new world, your world. I am so grateful!!

    1. Dear Jakki, You darling. Delighted to know that you’ll be making your own books very soon, and sharing the pleasure too. Please would you review Bound on Amazon too? That would be the cherry on the bun. Many thanks to you for writing, Best and bookiest, Rachel

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