Bound: The Publisher’s Video

As part of the publication celebrations for Bound: 15 Beautiful Bookbinding Projects, I visited the Hachette HQ and ran a bookart workshop. Seventy staff signed up! Whilst I was in the (awe-inspiring) building, we took the opportunity to create a short film about Bound, put together by the Head of Digital Marketing at Octopus. It gives a real sense of the book’s style and content, which I hope you’ll enjoy.

4 thoughts on “Bound: The Publisher’s Video

  1. Hi Rachel – I’d like to get this as a present for my sister. What are the main tools/materials someone might need to get started? I’d like to get her some of those too to go with it, Rachel

    1. Hello Rachel! What a great present for your sister. I recommend getting her some watercolour paper, gorgeous ink, linen thread, awl, needle and a cutting knife. I’ll e-mail you with more information, Best and bookiest, Rachel

  2. I would like to purchase book bound by Ms. Haskell
    How and where can I purchase it?

    1. Hello Joy! Bound:15 Beautiful Bookbinding Projects by Rachel Hazell, published by Kyle is available in bookshops and online, including Amazon. I hope you enjoy the book projects! Best and bookiest, Rachel

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