Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

How to create your own wrapping paper, inspired by the pattern techniques in Bound: 15 Beautiful Bookbinding Projects.

Make utterly unique gift wrap, perfectly personalised for the special people in your life.

Gather –

A roll of brown kraft paper, scissors, brush, ink, Posca pens, waste paper, washi tape, ribbon, twine or string, tags

How to –

1) Cut kraft paper into sheets. Flatten overnight if they keep rolling up!

2) Personalise with handwriting. Work out placing, so that the words sit in the write place once the parcel is wrapped.

3) Cover remaining surface with pattern, repetitive shapes or loopy lines. See pages 37-42 of Bound for ideas.

4) Wrap parcel, using washi tape to seal and twine to finish. Coordinate your name tag in the same style, add it to the package and place under tree!

Share your creations by tagging @paperhazell #boundrachelhazell #handmadewrappingpaper

Thanks to Octopus for featuring this project in their online Advent Calendar!

Happy making! Happy holidays! Hope you get lots of reading time once everything is wrapped up.

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