The Art of the Fold Book Review

What a delight to showcase The Art of the Fold here – a most practical and generous book.

© Paul Warchol

Throughout my bookart life, Hedi Kyle has been the name for folds. So to be asked to review this long-awaited book is an honour.The ingenious (legendary) structures – The Blizzard! The Flag! The Crown! – are clearly recognisable, but until now, they have been mostly documented and taught by other people. It is a pleasure to hold The Art of the Fold hardback in my hands now.

Hedi Kyle has collaborated with her daughter Ulla Warchol, and son-in-law Paul Warchol, to bring us the seminal instruction manual for the book folding artist. Read from cover to cover for a comprehensive guide to extraordinary paper forms.

After an introduction describing Hedi Kyle’s enthusiasm for experimenting and sharing, there’s a full list of tools, then a thorough outline of materials. The specific brands of paper, and where to get them, is super-useful.

A double-page spread clearly explaining terminology and symbols is followed by a whole section on the techniques you’ll use to start creating.

Since the accordion is fundamental to Hedi Kyle’s canon, the book begins with an array of zig-zags, detailing exactly how to fold the perfect sixteen section accordion. Every section following – Blizzards, One-Sheet Books, Albums and Enclosures – gives full and encouraging instructions. Ulla Warchol’s meticulous diagrams and her husband’s photographs will help you to work through the book, producing a broad assortment of different structures.

“Do not underestimate the benefit of practice making perfect in the art of folding.” Hedi Kyle reminds us. Whilst also advising that “Nothing can go wrong.”

I commend you to experiment, adapt and develop your own book forms inspired and led by The Art of the Fold.

The Art of the Fold is published by Laurence King, and has its own website. All images are © Paul Warchol. I thank Cristina Balbiano D’Aramengo for introducing me to Hedi Kyle’s bookworks. Hurray for folding magic!

2 thoughts on “The Art of the Fold Book Review

  1. I love this book– very concise instructions and beautiful photos!

    I think if I could own one on this subject, this would be it!

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