Book Review: Making Your Mark

In the first sentence of his introduction, Ewan Clayton declares writing to be one of humanity’s greatest achievements. For anyone who takes pleasure in communicating, who appreciates font, who notices space on a printed page, who keeps a fountain pen, who loves a library….this book is for you.

Guided by specialists, delve in to the origins of mark making, examine the influence of the Roman alphabet, investigate a history of tools and materials, meet different writing communities and imagine the destiny of handwriting as our digital age continues.

Writing: Making Your Mark is published on the occasion of an exhibition at the British Library, which is a rich archive of letters. The book is edited and introduced by calligrapher Ewan Clayton, who also contributes several essays to the volume. There’s a brilliant variety of events relating to the exhibition, running through May, June and July 2019.

Week Three of PaperLove explores the written word in joyful detail.

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