PaperLove: A testimonial

The PaperLove e-course is a full package bursting with ideas. As the original online all-paper experience it is designed to enhance your relationship with this most humble and versatile material. I’m delighted to share the insights and images of course participant Lotta Helleberg.

Rachel’s course is the perfect starting point for diving in deeper, in search of both inspiration and technical skills.’

I wanted to create an environment that lets the artist in you flourish, a space that shelters, encourages and also challenges you. In Lotta’s words:

I loved the feel of the class—the footage, the presentation, and Rachel’s aesthetic. Her enthusiasm for the topics of paper art and books is contagious. It is very inspiring to learn from someone so passionate about their work. I also enjoyed the extra details such as the resource lists and artist interviews. And the projects were all very manageable, and clearly described. Even the writing prompts, which are sometimes a struggle for me, were direct and enticing.’

Having worked with many people over twenty years of teaching, I’m aware of how hard it is to give yourself the freedom to explore, play and experiment. So much develops from unexpected discoveries. It’s incredible to see the process:

I am mostly impressed that I made a box, from scratch. We often have preconceived ideas about what is difficult, and box making was definitely on that list for me. The way the projects in the course are presented, makes even daunting tasks manageable and fun! I also appreciated the creativity embedded in the prompts, from alternative mark making techniques to exploring new meanings and words hidden in an existing passage of text, for example.

Join me for five weeks of joyful creating. You’re guaranteed to be entertained, challenged and enlightened, all while making beautiful objects out of paper.

If the time is right for you to dive in to a summer of PaperLove sign up for the next e-course which begins on 17th June.

Thank you Lotta, for sharing your PaperLove insights. Find out more about her inspiring work at

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  1. Rachel‘s online classes are great! They inspired my friend and me to book her class in Paris last year! Fantastic! Go for all of them!

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