Book Review: Ephemera

The latest publication from the splendid Uppercase is a visual feast. It’ll inspire you to gather your collections into pleasing arrangements or encourage you to go hunting for your own particular papers.

Janine Vangool is the publisher, editor and designer of the most fabulous volume of eye candy that any paper lover could imagine. In Ephemera, she has selected thirty creatives who work with collage, illustration, type, graphic design and more.

A double spread of Michelle Geller’s drawers of treasure, surrounded by Scottish maps and papers….

Over 448 pages you’ll find scrap-book libraries, stamp collections, gummed labels, stationery, train tickets, antique scraps, buttons, tins, trade cards, magazines and books. Each contributor describes their raison d’etre and presents the best of their ephemera. Step inside their creative spaces for a glimpse of their beautiful obsessions. I turn the pages with wonder and awe, and invite you to do the same.

Order your own copy of Ephemera, and any/all other titles in the Encyclopedia of Inspiration series.

Check out The Travelling Bookbinder’s blog post on book and paper ephemera hunting tips – the perfect materials for bookart!

And finally: Subscribe to Uppercase magazine. It is essential reading for the seriously creative and curious!

3 thoughts on “Book Review: Ephemera

  1. Hello,I recently came into a variety of vintage jewelry, sheet music,in excellent condition,lots of original black and white, postcards and many other, interesting pieces of, memorabilia,,it’s like going back in time,, thanks sam

  2. Thanks, if you could tell me,if it’s possible to send some, pictures of what I have,to get an honest opinion,,ty sam

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