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Freelance Illustrator and Lecturer, Ceri Amphlett shares her experience of taking the BookLove e-course and outlines the impact that it has had on her work.

I first did Rachel’s PaperLove course in 2014 then the BookLove course in 2017, these were the first on-line courses I had done. At the time of the first course I had a small baby so the flexibility to access and follow the course at my own pace from home was perfect. What I did enjoy was immersing myself in the each of the projects, keeping a pace, sharing what I’d done and seeing what others had created and experienced. There was a real sense of community in the group, sharing our work and knowledge.

For me, documenting what I had produced through photography was another aspect that I enjoyed – thinking about lighting, composition etc. The way that Rachel presents her own process and work is very inspiring and evocative.

All parts of the course felt lovingly designed and considered by Rachel from the written content to the tutorials and beautiful examples her own work. As an illustrator I enjoyed the opportunity to add my own ideas or content to each of the projects – there was plenty of guidance and inspiration as well as room to add your own thing. Rachel’s projects helped me to think inventively about how to present my ideas and drawings and this approach has stayed with me, particularly the simple book forms and bindings.

The writing exercises helped me realise how interested I am in words and particular writing poems. Following the course, I brought together bits of my own writing and drawings and made an edition of hand bound books. I have since made more books combining my love of words and drawings and simple book binding techniques. (Pamphlet stitch that Rachel showed us is still my favourite!) The Courses have made a real impact on my working practice and still inspire me to explore my creativity.

For more information about Ceri Amphlett and her work, please visit her website:

The next BookLove e-course starts on 24 February 2020.

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