Venice Personal Geographies 2019

It’s a pleasure to share a gallery of images from this year’s bookart adventure in Venice with you:

Venice is an great place to explore getting lost, then making books about the experience.

Over five days we drew, documented and discovered.

David used a Paperang to print a variety of modes of transport.

Our studio view, like an open book!

At the Correr museum we were wowed by the scale of maps. This is just a small detail in an enormous painting.

Getting to see the Special Collections Library was the overwhelming highlight. Literally. We were all speechless afterwards!

Jane found this fabulously unusual set of narrow postcards at a market.

The Acqua Alta bookshop is a must for book and boat lovers.

Some mornings were mysteriously misty. Bells and fog horns resounded.

Deirdre Kelly shared her immense experience of making map-works.

Everywhere reflections and beauty.

We bound Personal Geographies into Extraordinary Expandable Sketchbook Journals. This is Stephanie’s, with splendid custom-painted covers.

Contemplating a moon-lit Grand Canal at the end of another wonderful day.

Many thanks to the four intrepid mapsters, Monica Viero at Museo Correr, Florence at Editions du Dromadaire, Deirdre Kelly at Scuola Grafica, and Venice for being a city like no other.

Arrivederci until next year! 2020 places have just been released.

2 thoughts on “Venice Personal Geographies 2019

  1. Thank you sooooooo very much Rachel!! It was truly a wonderful workshop and adventure! I loved every day and was really truly wowed by ALL of our various expeditions, especially our trips to the Corer Museum and the Venice School of Graphic Arts (Scuola Internazionale di Grafica Venice).

    After the workshop ended I had a couple more meals at sullaluna! Loved it!

    Thank you for all your bookbinding help and training! I’m very much looking forward to following your future trips and courses!

    Ciao! and thanks again!!

    ~ Cynthia

    1. What a pleasure. Delighted that you enjoyed the whole experience Cynthia, Best and bookiest, Rachel

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