The Travelling Bookbinder 2020 Preview

Iona beach at the North End

Happy New Year! Here are deep breaths of anticipation and intention, plans and hopes, in a pictorial whiz through 2020. Have a good one folks!

Edinburgh studio

January – This temporary studio space has been wonderful. We’re making the most of every last minute in it by doing some promotional filming here with Sarah Mason. Very exciting.

BookLove e-course

FebruaryBookLove returns for a burst of bookbinding, designing, hand-lettering and reading.

Iona Driftwood Binding Retreat

March – Both Iona Driftwood Binding Retreats are fully booked. Follow the adventures here.

Personal inkery. Bookart by Rachel Hazell

April – Heading to Gladstone’s Library with no plans, except to write and think. An incredible gift.

Secret Belgian. Three Bookbinding Structures, Edinburgh

May – A weekend of pure bookbinding pleasures: Three Structures, Edinburgh.

The PaperLove e-course

JunePaperLove – The flagship online course for stationery addicts, expressive calligraphers, book artists and ephemera hunters!

Iona, Inner Hebrides, Scotland

July – Island time. Restorative beach/boat bliss.

Bookbinding Summer School in Sweden!

August – To Sweden to top up structural skills. (Important for teachers to stay curious and keep learning eh?!)

Shetland Text and Texture bookbinding workshop

SeptemberShetland Text & Texture. Seven stitchings, stunning surroundings, splendid stimulations.

Best Venice bookshop!

October – Explore Personal Geographies in Venice, along canals, through paper, books and gelato.

Paris bouquinistes

November – Paris Love Letters workshop is yet to be confirmed. Newsletter subscribers will be the first to know the dates and details.

Upcycled paper origami star

December – There will be origami star folding, somewhere, somehow!

Best and bookiest, dear paper + book loving adventurers!

2 thoughts on “The Travelling Bookbinder 2020 Preview

  1. Everything looks beautiful, Rachel! Loved seeing the binding/stitching and your trademark watercolor (ink?) work. And… I have always loved those Iona driftwood books! Someday!

    Best of luck in everything!


    1. Many thanks Cynthia! Hope it’s not too late to wish you a very Happy New Year

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