Book Review: The Museum of Me

You might be wondering why a children’s book is The Travelling Bookbinder’s first review choice of the year. Apart from showcasing excellent collage, it tells the story of a girl venturing outwards to see within.

Exploring, learning, comparing, wondering…what better ways to contemplate our place in the world.

Making your own books creates a private record. The very process of choosing and describing helps to make sense of your history – the museum of you.

The Museum of Me, Emma Lewis, Tate Publishing. Flat lay by Rachel Hazell, The Travelling Bookbinder

The Museum of Me won the Bologna Ragazzi Opera Prima Award in 2017 and was nominated for the CILIP Kate Greenaway Medal in 2018 (…which is a big deal. Kudos Emma.)

You can see more of Emma Lewis’s charming illustrations here.

Detail from back cover of The Museum of Me by Emma Lewis
Detail from the back cover.

Readers may find it impossible not to pick up scissors, paper and glue, then get cutting and sticking for themselves….. Enjoy the philosophical machinations that may result!

The Museum of Me, by Emma Lewis, Tate Publishing.

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