Capturing a sense: A film shoot.

The Travelling Bookbinder film shoot. The Travelling Bookbinder's Edinburgh studio

We’re delighted to invite you to the official unveiling of a short film.

Back in January, which feels a world away now, I was lucky to spend a week with a film-maker, capturing a sense of my work as an artist, teacher and traveller.

I wanted to share my joy of bookbinding and the myriad possibilities of interpreting your surroundings within the pages of your own handmade book – whether these places are close to your heart or alive in your imagination.

The Travelling Bookbinder film shoot. Sarah Mason photographer and film maker

Sarah Mason hails from Hebden Bridge – we have mutual connections with the many creative people there – and has developed a particularly thoughtful style. Her belief that ‘every life is a wonder to watch,’ combined with a careful, considered eye, translates into film gold.

The Travelling Bookbinder film shoot. Sarah Mason filming on location in Scotland

Sarah’s approach perfectly complements the tone of my book Bound, which glows with Susan Bell’s atmospheric images. I knew that working together would be a truly collaborative experience that could produce something special.

The Travelling Bookbinder film shoot. The Travelling Bookbinder's Edinburgh studio

In order to reflect the contrasts between urban and island life (I live in Edinburgh and on the Isle of Iona) the shoot took place in my city studio and on the East Lothian coast.

The Travelling Bookbinder film shoot. Buckthorn at Gullane in January 2020

We were extraordinarily lucky with the weather.

The Travelling Bookbinder film shoot. Sarah Mason photographer and film maker

Working with Sarah Mason Photography and Films is a total delight. She is engaged, generous, intuitive, patient and focused. Recommended for all your moving-image needs, but her online mentoring sessions are an especially valuable resource now.

The Travelling Bookbinder film shoot. Beach finds, shell collection

The beaches featured in the film are Gullane and Yellowcraigs. The lighthouse in the final scene is on Fidra (said to be the inspiration for Robert Louis Stevenson’s book Treasure Island.)

The Travelling Bookbinder film shoot. Fidra Island and Sarah Mason, film shoot loaction.

It was a busy few days, as we also shot a series of how-to films in response to the most frequently asked questions about bookbinding techniques. The first of these, explaining grain direction, is now available on The Travelling Bookbinder’s YouTube channel.  You can subscribe to this for notifications of each new film as they are published over the coming weeks.

The Travelling Bookbinder film shoot. Driftwood bobbins with linen thread

Huge thanks to Edinburgh, Golden Hare Books, Contini, Greyfriar’s Art Shop, Armchair Books, WASPS and Soderberg. None of this is possible without Barbie Lyon.

The Travelling Bookbinder film shoot. Bookbinder at work, with tea

Check out Susan Bell Photography’s book work.

Enjoy the film, and please do tell us what you think of it!

The Travelling Bookbinder film shoot. Evening at Yellowcraigs.

9 thoughts on “Capturing a sense: A film shoot.

  1. Dear Rachel, what an absolutely glorious short film! The camera work by Sarah Mason is exquisite, so a big congratulations to her and all who put together the finished product. I love your story, and I love making books. One day, we will meet up, I hope. One day…… 💙🌿

    1. THANK YOU Fiona! It’s delightful seeing how well the film has been received – Sarah Mason is an absolute gem. Glad to hear you are a book maker yourself, and yes please to meeting up one day. Best and bookiest, Rachel

  2. I have always enjoyed your blog, but this one was so incredibly beautiful! I am so excited to watch your videos and learn more from you. I regret only that I cannot attend any of your classes as I live in the US.

    1. Thank you Jakki! Are the PaperLove and BookLove e-courses a possibility? Best and bookiest to you, Rachel

  3. Good morning! Hope that you are all well – including Snuffy here!
    Absolutely love the film, you must be thrilled with it, it captures the essence of Edinburgh and Iona ( as I imagine it after following your posts)
    Looking forward to catching up soon!
    Much love, Ali.x

  4. Hallo from Germany! What a gorgeous film – and beautiful landscape! I have been to Scotland and Edinburgh long ago and watching was like being there again. I am also very enthusiastic about your work and book, which I not only use as a tutorial, but enjoy just looking at the photos.
    Best wishes for you in the future

    1. Dear Christine, Many thanks for your kind words – delighted that the film brought you back to Scotland! And very happy to know that you read Bound for pleasure. Do you subscribe to The Travelling Bookbinder’s newsletter? It’s a good way to check what’s coming up, and read reviews and extra tutorials too… Best and bookiest to you in Germany, Rachel

  5. This is a magic window into your world. Thank you for your generosity of spirit! I love being on your bookbinding journey with you.
    with love, from A student, a fan, a kindred spirit! Jo

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