Five reasons for PaperLove

The annual five week online paper adventure begins on the 15th June – here are five reasons to sign up for PaperLove now!

The Travelling Bookbinder: The PaperLove e-course: Book pages

One: The pure satisfaction of making.

Give your mind the opportunity to quieten as your hands fold and stitch, cut and glue. A daily focus on physical crafting. Concentrate on hand/eye coordination and forget what else is going on for a while. Learning is a positive distraction – unfold possibilities.

The Travelling Bookbinder: The PaperLove e-course: Ephemera for Collage week

Two: Your paper stash.

All those art supplies you’ve been saving, the rolls of special wrap, the stationery collection, the charity shop finds, the thick sheets of watercolour you’ve kept safe, the travel tickets, luggage labels and maps – their time has come. We are the paper appreciation people! Ephemera heaven.

The Travelling Bookbinder: The PaperLove e-course: Stamps in Mail week

Three: Connection.

Link up with other PaperLovers who get excited about the same things as you. Since we can’t travel at the moment, here’s a way to compare notes with your tribe. The support and encouragement of our private community group is immensely reassuring. We’re not alone. And that notebook is gorgeous.

The Travelling Bookbinder: The PaperLove e-course: Mark making in Word week

Four: Calm space.

A place for imagining, reflecting and self expression. Sit and think. Walk and look. Read and share. Let yourself be guided through over twenty projects and exercises, at your own pace. Get absorbed doing what you love.

The Travelling Bookbinder: The PaperLove e-course: Week Four - Book

Five: Work with me!

The Travelling Bookbinder is in lockdown, so it’s not possible to meet up for workshops at the moment. This is the next best thing. During the weekly film, you’ll feel like I’m in the room with you, sharing my suitcase of paper delights. Join me for five weeks of passionate creativity with the most versatile of materials.

The PaperLove e-course begins on 15th June. Gather your papers, clear a space at the table and hang that ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door… Our online classroom opens on Friday – see you there!

3 thoughts on “Five reasons for PaperLove

  1. I love BOUND and have done all the bindings from there many times. The instructions in BOUND are excellent and detailed, unlike some other paper bookmaking books I have tried. With what I know from BOUND I am able to puzzle out their instructions but BOUND is my basic! Would Paper Love offer new learning for me? I’d like different, more advanced, projects.

    1. Dear Jan, Thanks for your message, and kind words about Bound! Delighted that you have made all the books! PaperLove is a foundational course with different themes – Paper, Collage, Word, Book and Mail – and whilst I think you’d enjoy playing and exploring, it wouldn’t teach you new structures. BookLove might challenge you to create content for your books – that begins in September. Hope this helps! Best and bookiest, Rachel

  2. Thank you. I’ll ponder it. Creating content in September sounds juicy!

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