Five Reasons for BookLove

The BookLove e-course guides you through the process of designing, writing, lettering and binding, over two full weeks. Here are five reasons for signing up:

The Travelling Bookbinder, BookLove e-course: Book edges


DIY – Do It Yourself! Bookart is very ‘do-able.’ All you need is paper and ink, glue and card…and a few basic tools. Clear a bit of table space to work on, check your internet connection and prepare to make books!

The Travelling Bookbinder, BookLove e-course: Gilt edged pages


Get thoughts out of your head and on to paper. Document memories, sensations, specifics. Be guided through fool proof methods of expressive writing. Process what’s going on in a creative way.

The Travelling Bookbinder, BookLove e-course: Three little books


Structure your days with a timetable of interesting things to read and do. Develop life long skills for making practical, unique books that are personal to you. Improve your dexterity and powers of innovation while you’re at it. Meet inspiring book artists and follow their stories.

The Travelling Bookbinder, BookLove e-course: Marbled endpapers


The physicality of creating literally releases feel-good endorphins: Mark making, inky lines, splashes of colour, the repetition of stitching. Open up a world of bookarts. Turn your own page.

The Travelling Bookbinder, BookLove e-course: Worn spines


Connect with other booklovers who can’t resist a bookshop, who prioritise reading, who escape into imagined worlds, who love the feeling of holding a book. Sharing knowledge and passion.

We’d love you to join us! Reserve your place here.

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