Book review: The Midnight Library

The Midnight Library, Matt Haig. Book review by The Travelling Bookbinder

Looking for a lifeline in these tumultous times? Finding it hard to be content in the face of restrictions and anxiety? Books can provide solace and solutions, but can reading really help our mental state? Matt Haig sees books as our maps, and that image of trig points guiding us to place of redemption is reassuring.

In The Midnight Library Matt Haig shows us a way of exploring different options. By examining regrets, and realising that the grass is not always greener, nor the dream quite what we’d wished for, we’re led to hope.

This book is a long dark night with soul.

The Guardian reviewer sees it as ‘a celebration of life’s possibilities.’

The Midnight Library, by Matt Haig, is published by Canongate (Where you can read an extract on their home page!)

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