All you need for WrapLove

All you need for WrapLove is nothing special!

If you have a roll of brown paper and a few craft supplies, then you’re ready to make your parcels extra-thoughtfully this year – easy!

Here’s a simple list of the basics, all of which can be substituted with what you have to hand.

Rolls of paper for WrapLove - use what you have to hand!


  • Rolls of brown parcel paper are available from post offices everywhere. Cut in to gift-wrap-size sheets and leave them flat to uncurl. This is your go-to basic for WrapLove.
  • Look out for recycled kraft paper, which is sturdy, versatile and eco-friendly.
  • One of the projects uses waxed paper – catering suppliers may be able to help you stock up on a roll or two. Commandeer your own greaseproof paper only in an emergency…
  • Cartridge paper comes in pads and sheets – not so thick that you can’t fold in the corners….
  • That stash of tissue you’ve been smoothing out and saving? Its time has come to crinkle out into the light.
Scissors for WrapLove: A large pair for cutting big sheets and a smaller pair for ribbon and string


  • Far from being an excuse to showcase some of my scissor collection, this image illustrates that any pair will do.
  • Long straight blades slice through large sheets swiftly and smoothly.
  • A small sharp pair is great for trimming ribbon and thread.
WrapLove - Create gorgeous painted patterns with ink and a brush


  • The jewel-like intensity of ink is perfect for parcels.
  • Mix up your own unique shades to complement each recipient.
  • Experiment with sample cards before beginning a big sheet.
  • Use any kind of paint, from poster to acrylic, water-colour to emulsion…
  • Make your mark with crayons, felt-tips, pastels or coloured pencils too.
Use washi, double-sided and matte tape for WrapLove parcels


  • Washi is the paper lover’s top choice of tape – a multitude of colours and patterns, easy to rip and reposition.
  • A favourite WrapLove project involves double-sided tape. Stock up on a narrow (12mm/half inch) roll and and a wider (33mm/inch) one too.
  • Matte tape is pretty magic – discreet and reliable – when you don’t want to distract from your wonderful creations.
Ephemera for a WrapLove project


  • Up-cycle old books and papers to add texture and intrigue to your wrapping.
  • Check out The Travelling Bookbinder’s top ephemera-finding tips.
  • Re-purpose magazines, flyers, printed instructions. etc.
Ribbon and twine for WrapLove

Ribbon and string!

  • Choose from a fantastic array of tones and textures, to match or contrast with your parcel.
  • Fabric: Cotton/velvet/silk.
  • String: Wool/garden twine/hemp
  • Paper: Elegantly plain, splendidly crumpled. Fine twine or crinkled raffia.
WrapLove - name tags and labels


  • Use strung parcel labels for a utilitarian vibe.
  • Combine a cluster of tiny price tags with a message on each one.
  • WrapLove includes a template for you to make your own.
  • Re-use existing tags by collaging over the surface.
  • Replace string with ribbon or wool to complement your paper.

Here’s a full list of materials and tools for WrapLove.

WrapLove is a light-hearted e-course, designed to help you cheer up 2020. Sign up for instant, lifetime access!

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