Five Reasons for WrapLove

There are LOTS of reasons for WrapLove – here are the top five!

WrapLove - Painted Patterns parcel, tied with Iona Wool

1. Uplifting – Creating gorgeous wrapping paper, with bright colours, will raise your spirits. Spread the joy of happy shapes!

WrapLove - Use paper ephemera to create unique wrap

2. Filmed projects are a great alternative to a real-life course – like working across the table from Rachel, without having to wear a mask – and step-by-step instructions clarify the detail.

WrapLove - six filmed projects with step by step instructions

3. Handmade – the power of making, of choosing the paper, the ribbon, the best technique… Transform simple materials into splendid parcels.

WrapLove - transform your parcels using simple materials and techniques

4. Positive diversion – get satisfaction from repetition. Create beautiful papers. Patterns are relaxing! Escape the news, and the weather, in your own gift-wrapping-micro-climate.

WrapLove - create unique, beautiful parcels for your loved ones

5. Utterly personal – every parcel celebrates your own unique style and each package is made for the special individuals in your life.

WrapLove e-course - six projects, instant, lifetime access. The Travelling Bookbinder

Create great presents or give as a present.

Sign up for instant, lifetime WrapLove pleasures now – Happy Wrapping!

One thought on “Five Reasons for WrapLove

  1. Wraplove /rapluv/
    (noun) cheerful, creative fun loosed through clear instructions on video and print inspiration
    (verb) to package with joy-infused, personalised, handmade wrap

    Five reasons for WrapLove? Five Stars. Thank you, Rachel.

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