BookLove: A Testimonial

Annette Bergmann took part in September’s BookLove e-course. Here she shares her insights on how BookLove can inspire, uplift and inform.

“It is so easy to get completely lost in Rachel’s highly inspirational pages.

I signed up for the BookLove e-course because of Rachel’s  wonderful book Bound with its beautiful photos which evoked a certain lighthearted, fairytale atmosphere.

The Travelling Bookbinder: BookLove: A testimonial. Paper cut shadows. Annette Bergmann

It is that atmosphere I liked the most about the course, absolutely doable on the one hand with step by step instructions in beautifully lit photos that are very clear but with a playful vibe and lots of scope to do my own thing on the other.

Rachel even got me writing, right at the beginning. I listed all the bookshops I have ever browsed. I even tried to write little descriptions about my favourites. In the back of that notebook I wrote all the titles of books I might want to read sometime. Rachel added a whole lot to that list!  

I looked forward to each new lesson not only because of the bookbinding instruction, but also because of the interviews with book artists which opened a whole new world. 

I never thought I could make a book with covers from greyboard neatly covered with decorative paper myself, but I repeated that several times since then. That took my bookbinding to the next level!

I am no great fan of facebook, but in this instance the sharing of all the different outcomes from so many booklovers around the world added another lovely dimension to the course. And it was nice to get so much friendly feedback!

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who loves books, who is a bit hesitant about their bookbinding skills and wants to indulge in the ever so fascinating world of book arts, literature and artful individual bookbinding.

And every single day I am waiting for that #vitaminsea video from Iona!”

January’s BookLove e-course begins on 25th – sign up now. Thank you Annette for sharing your experience and beautiful creations!

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2 thoughts on “BookLove: A Testimonial

  1. Inspiring! It is a while since I made mini books after your course with Nancy at Arvon. Have mostly been painting as it channels my mind away from Covid.
    One of these days I will come to a live course! Have decided e-courses Zoom occasions are not really ‘me.’
    All the very best for 2021, stay safe & well,

    1. Lovely to hear from you Denise! And glad you’re inspired by Annette’s creations. There is no zooming in BookLove – you can dip into it whenever you like each day. Oh yes yes to real life workshops again soon. Have a good year my dear, Rachel X

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