Book Review: Books!

Books! by Murray McCain and John Alcorn, is a delight. Originally published in 1962 it was re-released in a larger format for a bright and beautiful read.

The Travelling Bookbinder: Book review: Books! by Murray McCain and John Alcorn. Published by AMMO.

In extravagant typography, each page celebrates the value of books, their creation and form, libraries, the alphabet, punctuation, writers and even sections on hard, funny and happy words.

Detailing the qualities of books, we’re reminded that they are ‘full of surprises, feelings and learning.’ Some people have escaped into literary worlds recently, while others can’t concentrate on longer than a paragraph. I swing between the two, don’t you?

This February, keep in mind that ‘A book is like a friend, because when you read you feel close to someone. Some books are like valentines. They seem to say I LOVE YOU.’

Books! Written by Murray McCain and illustrated by John Alcorn, is published by AMMO.

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