Water Paper Ink

The Travelling Bookbinder: Water Paper Ink: Asemic seaweed

How to share the experience of living on an island for the last eighteen months? Water Paper Ink is an attempt to capture an impression of that time.

Last year was immeasurably improved by the considered mentoring of photographer and film maker Sarah Mason. She gave me the confidence to switch the camera dial from ‘auto’ to ‘manual’. It’s been a pleasure (and a challenge) to learn and develop.

Her Life in Motion film making course was the ideal way to make more films with support and guidance.

The topic for the final film was The Feeling of Home. Here is Water Paper Ink:

I’m tremendously grateful to Sarah and Suzi, and the class of Summer ’21, for the weekly zooms and grand finale film premiere….

The Travelling Bookbinder: Water Paper Ink: Popcorn Film Premiere

…and anticipate many more hours venturing out with a camera, tussling with Premiere Pro and occasionally sighing with satisfaction….before heading to the beach.

The Travelling Bookbinder: Water Paper Ink: The feeling of home by the sea.

The next Life in Motion class begins on 11th October – register your interest here.

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