Book Review: Art Day by Day

The Travelling Bookbinder: Book review: Art Day by Day, edited by Alex Johnson. Published by Thames & Hudson

A book review – Art Day by Day – to have ready for the 1st January, so that during each and every twenty-four hours of 2022 you can relish and discover a different art-related story.

Be fascinated, astounded and horrified by daily facts and curiosities. Dip in randomly or page by page for illuminating, entertaining stories. The range is broad, both in scope and definition. This, personally, is the best source of obscure information since non-stop listening to BBC Radio 4.

Art Day by Day: 366 Brushes With History, edited by Alex Johnson, is published by Thames & Hudson.

You would probably enjoy the author’s blog about bookshelves.

To support independent books shops and get 10% off, you can order this book from Golden Hare, using the code bookbinderbookreview009 until January 20th 2022. Please note that although the last date for Christmas deliveries has passed, local customers could collect their order until 4pm on 24th December!

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