Three Reasons For BookLove

Put simply, there are three reasons for BookLove.

Signing up for this virtual immersion will connect you with all three:

The Travelling Bookbinder: BookLove: Blue bound pages

Making stories with your hands.

There’s a rhythm and process to creating books from paper, ink and thread which is deeply fulfilling. Give your hands a story to shape!

The Travelling Bookbinder: A Book of Looking: BookLove e-course

Making stories with your mind.

Use the exercises and suggestions in BookLove to reflect, notice and document what is around and in you. Use making as a tool for mindfulness.

The Travelling Bookbinder: A hot drink during BookLove

Making stories with your heart.

An invitation to explore memories and dreams, in the intimate pages of the book form.

Bring your hands, hearts and minds together with the everyday ritual of BookLove, turning your creative tap on full.

The BookLove e-course begins on May 30, with a live welcome session on 29th – see you then!

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