Book Review: Atlas of Scotland

The Travelling Bookbinder: Book review: Atlas of Scotland: A Vision of a Nation

A book review of Atlas of Scotland is an appropriate choice as we launch a course about making your own maps, because it is so thoughtfully and beautifully produced.

The text and hand-drawn images help us to understand how a nation has been mapped in the past and shows how these stories can be retold.

This atlas has intriguing details; you’ll learn about why the area at the top of Scotland is called Sutherland (South Land) and how a polar bear came to run amok in the streets of Dundee.

I especially love the pages of mountains, arranged in order of height and how buildings are rendered in miniature 3D!

An inspiration for anyone contemplating creating maps by hand, as Andrew emphasises creativity and imagination over formal cartographic techniques. His line drawings evoke past maps even as he presents a vision for the future.

“Maps allow us to see things it would otherwise be impossible to see.” he says.

Every map presents its own perspective – a subjective view of the world.

Watch the author and illustrator describing his book.

Atlas of Scotland by Andrew Redmond Barr is published by The Scots Curator.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Atlas of Scotland

  1. oh, thank you for this! it looks wonderful. i just ordered it for my husband, who is a buchanan and a lover of maps.

    1. Fantastic – delighted to hear of maplovers and Buchanans. Thank you Mindy!

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