Book Review: Atlas of the Heart

The Travelling Bookbinder: Book review: Atlas of the Heart: Brené Brown

A heart-shaped book is MapLove’s final project, so it’s fitting to review Atlas of the Heart, which expands the vocabulary we need to describe where we are. Naming emotional places is the key to understanding the topography forms and features.

Over the years, Brené Brown has shown how to navigate tough situations and conversations graciously and courageously. In Atlas of the Heart she gives a framework for ‘mapping meaningful connections,’ believing that language is the portal to meaning-making.

Creating our own maps gives us the power of understanding, which is why I’m so excited to begin exploring the rich symbolism and imagery of paper maps. The resulting illuminations may lead to a certain clarity of awareness, lighting up future paths, with crafty mindful moments along the way.

Use The Atlas of the Heart as a series of signposts to help chart your voyage through the MapLove ecourse!

Atlas of the Heart, by Brené Brown, is published by Vermilion, an imprint of Penguin.

To buy a copy with a 10% discount, visit Golden Hare Books and use the code bookbinderbookreview17 valid until 8th October 2022.

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