Book Review: The Philosophy of an Explorer

The Travelling Bookbinder: Book review: The Philosophy of an Explorer

The Philosophy of an Explorer is useful knowledge to keep in mind, whether you’re travelling near or far. And if you’re about to embark on the bookart adventure that is MapLove, this is a fine book to have tucked in your pocket.

Erling Kagge might not fit the traditional image of an explorer; he’s a publisher, art collector and lawyer too. I like the way he writes, backing thoughts with lived experience and a broad reading list.

Favourite chapters include: ‘Train Yourself in Optimism’, ‘Don’t Fear Your Own Greatness,’ and ‘Reset Your Compass.’

It’s the emphasis on noticing, reflecting and noting that appeals most. A curiosity that has endured long after the poles were conquered.

“You start walking and the days and weeks go by, and you start to realise that it is not completely white after all; you start to see the colours in the snow and ice, blues and reds and greens. Also, it’s not completely flat, you can see all these structures in the ice and snow. You get this feeling that your body doesn’t just stop at your fingertips, it is as if you are extended into nature.” (From an article on 52

My mission is to guide you on a creative journey, alive to new paths, open to different ways of thinking. I hope this book might help.

The Philosophy of an Explorer, by Erling Kagge, is published by Penguin.

Watch the author talking about walking as a way to find inner silence.

Read more, in a handsome article in Avaunt magazine.

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