MapLove Q & A

The Travelling Bookbinder: MapLove Q+A

Q: Is MapLove about making maps, or books?

A: Both! There will be books bound from maps, maps you have made, and books of journeys…

Q: How many projects are there?

A: Fourteen! With a bonus pre-course extra. And demo projects in the live sessions. And book reviews. And inspirational navigators…

Q: What if i miss the live sessions?

A: Don’t worry, they’ll be recorded for you.

Q: Will there be a cheaper option?

A: I hear you – yes, next autumn there will be a completely self-paced version.

Q: I’m a bookbinder, will MapLove stretch me?

A: Perhaps not structurally, but definitely imaginatively!

Q: I’m a cartographer, will MapLove stretch me?

A: Absolutely – you’ll create beautiful vessels for your maps.

Q: When do I need to be around?

A: On 21st the bonus project will go up on the Thinkific MapLove site, which you can access at any time. On 23rd, 30th October and 6th November, the live zoom sessions will take place at 6pm UK time, for an hour. Then from 24th – 7th, a new lesson will appear each morning. You can check in on these whenever you like, and everything is downloadable.

Looking forward to making MapLove with you!

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