Book Review: Little Library Parties

The Travelling Bookbinder: Book Review: The Little Library Parties

It’s a great pleasure to write a book review of The Little Library Parties, having met the gorgeously ebullient Kate Young at Golden Hare Books, over Anzac biscuits she’d baked to celebrate the publication of her first culinary volume, The Little Library Cookbook in 2017. Inspired by meals described in literature, this delectable genius of a book is like having a particularly well-read friend in the kitchen.

Now I love nothing more than a themed occasion. At my first solo show, at The Bonhoga Gallery on Shetland, chef James Martin crafted chocolate biscuits in the shape of open books, and tiny savoury wraps, like scrolls, tied with chives. Magic.

The Little Library Parties is perfect for adding an almost effortless extra to any festive gathering…but also birthday feasts, wedding celebrations and commemorative dinners. As for having a party in a library….well, my cup would overflow.

To use literary references as a starting point for feeding people is a book lover’s delight.

Find plenty of Kate’s recipes, all inspired by her favourite works of fiction, here. And for an equally timely read, look out for The Little Library Christmas too.

You can even arrange for a special book club (or wedding, or party, or supperclub) to be catered thematically. Nom nom.

The Little Library Parties, by Kate Young, is published by Head of Zeus.

Order The Little Library Parties with a generous 10% discount from Golden Hare Books using code bookbinderbookreview19 – valid until 16th December.

Happy baking, basting, boozing and partying!

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