Book review: Everything, Beautiful

The Travelling Bookbinder: Book Review: Everything, Beautiful by Ella Frances Sanders: Published by Square Peg an imprint of Vintage

There’s an unashamedly positive bias to this month’s book review: Everything, Beautiful is just exactly what I want to seek right now. And receiving it as a gift (Thank you Care!) was even more serendipitous.

This is not your usual guide to finding everything beautiful, because Ella Frances Sanders is not interested in conventionally prescribed beauty. Investigating past and prevalent ideas she invites us to decide what is bonny, rather than accepting perceived wisdom.

She asks us to ‘notice what collects at the corners of things’ beyond accepted definitions, in order to see ‘an array of delicate spectacular.’

Being aware of how our visual world is (and can be) curated leads to a deepened understanding of our own aesthetic.

I am utterly charmed by the author’s honesty and vulnerability, her hand lettering and poignant illustration.

Everything, Beautiful by Ella Frances Sanders. Published by Square Peg, an imprint of Vintage.

Read an extract here.

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