Book review: Tender Maps

The Travelling Bookbinder: Book review: Tender Maps, Alice Maddicott, September Publishing

Charting your surroundings has multi-layered possibilities. On the day MapLove goes live as a self-paced, instant-access course, we present this book review: Tender Maps. A literary memoir.

Traveller Alice Maddicott guides us on emotional journeys through a deep investigation of atmosphere.

Described as a ‘uniquely lyrical approach to psycho-geography’ we’re invited to explore sound, play, magic, virtual realities and freedom.

Maddicott suggest that we ‘map our stories with our feet,’ walking into, and on, the pages of our surroundings.

Multi-sensory walks and the notion of literary pilgrimage are the ideas that most appeal – I shall be putting both into practice pretty much immediately.

Tender Maps, by Alice Maddicott, is published by September Publishing.

To purchase your copy with a 10% discount from Golden Hare Books, use code bookbinderbookreview28 valid until September 15th 2023.

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