Happy 5th Birthday Bound!

Five years ago my first book was published, so this month I’m celebrating: Happy 5th Birthday Bound!

AND there’s a new issue in the US (See the new cover above.)

Here’s a list of delights:

  • How far the book has travelled.
  • What has been created – from single sheet folds to multi-section bindings.
  • How the structures have been developed/subverted to make them personal.
  • All those who’ve sent pics of the book (most recently from the gift shop of the Bodleian Library Oxford.)
  • People who’ve travelled across the world for a class or signed up for a virtual workshop after reading it.
  • Those who have shared their own stories of how bookbinding has helped them cope.
  • Onto the third edition in the UK.
  • There’s a Spanish edition.

‘Rachel has a lovely way of writing that makes you feel you’re in her studio.’ Maggie.

SO grateful to all who have borrowed it from the library, made it a best-seller, gifted it to all their friends, left a review online, written to show me what they’ve made, created group projects, based classes on it, made presents inspired by it and proudly display it on their book shelf – THANK YOU!

Off to eat cake after blowing out five candles! The images above are from 2018, at book launches at Foyles in London, Golden Hare Bookshop in Edinburgh, Iona Craft Shop and in Project Calm magazine.

Bound:15 Beautiful Bookbinding Projects, by Rachel Hazell, published by Kyle, is available in libraries and bookshops around the world and online.

2 thoughts on “Happy 5th Birthday Bound!

  1. Oh Rachel – happy Bound birthday!! I think I will buy one for a surprise for a lucky participant at my book exhibit in January! Can’t wait to tell you all about it very soon. Hugs from afar…pat

    1. Oh what an utterly wonderful plan Pat – can’t wait to hear about your exhibition XXr

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