2024 Preview

The Travelling Bookbinder: 2024 preview: On the beach

Ta da! Here’s The Travelling Bookbinder’s schedule for next year.

The 2024 preview gives an outline of the workshop dates, with bookings open to newsletter subscribers around six months before each course. Rachel is teaching ten in-person workshops between January and November. No doubt there’ll be some online offerings too – look out for Gathering Retreat dates.

There aren’t waiting lists, and courses miraculously tend to sell out quickly. Please keep an eye on social media and we’ll try to give you hints!

Meanwhile WrapLove and MapLove give you instant lifetime access to creating (and can be given as a gift – just give us the recipient’s details when booking!)

*Please note* that the only in-person course with current availability is Shetland Text & Texture in April.

Newsletter subscribers are the first to know when bookings open!


The Travelling Bookbinder: January 2024: Booklover's Edinburgh: Armchair Books

Booklover’s Edinburgh – class full.


The Travelling Bookbinder: Fruitmarket Bookmarket: February 10 - 11 2024

Come to Fruitmarket Bookmarket artist’s book fair 10th – 11th February to see and buy amazing portable art, with events and workshops too. In tandem with Zine Festival. Double joy.

Book launch! Rachel’s new edition will be available, and there will be a ticketed talk – more info (and pre-orders) next month.


The Travelling Bookbinder: Whale Bone Studio: Writing March 2024: Built by Plankbridge

Writing in the Whale Bone Studio.


The Travelling Bookbinder: Shetland Text & Texture April 2024

Iona Driftwood Binding Retreat 4th – 8th April and 9th – 13th April – both sold out.

Shetland Text & Texture 23rd – 26th April – a few places remain on this wonderful island odyssey.


The Travelling Bookbinder: On holiday

Hols: Walking


The Travelling Bookbinder: Whale Bone Studio: June window: Made by Plankbridge

More writing


The Travelling Bookbinder: Own work

Own work


The Travelling Bookbinder: Iona Driftwood Binding Retreat: August - September 2024: Cover choices

Iona Driftwood Binding Retreat

29th August – 2nd September. Bookings open in January.


The Travelling Bookbinder: 2024 preview: Booklover's Bath: Persephone Books: Sussex Lustreware

Iona Driftwood Binding Retreat.

3rd – 7th September. Bookings open in February.

Booklover’s Bath

18th – 21st September. Bookings open in March.


The Travelling Bookbinder: Venice Personal Geographies: October 2024

Venice Personal Geographies

11th – 15th October – booking opening in April


The Travelling Bookbinder: Paris Love Letters: Maria's book: November 2024

Paris Love Letters

11th – 16th November. Bookings open early 2024.

18th – 23rd November. Bookings open in May.


The Travelling Bookbinder: Bound: 15 Beautiful Bookbinding Projects, published by Kyle: On the shelf at Waterstones Edinburgh

Making stars, sending cards, wrapping presents…. And looking forward to seeing how many people get Bound:15 Beautiful Bookbinding Projects for Christmas! This is a smiley face discovering the book in Waterstones.

Excited for all the creativity and connecting that’s to come!

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