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The Notebook: Book review is a no-brainer for The Travelling Bookbinder on so many levels! The physical form and purpose definitely align with the self-delcared aims of a bookbinder in search of adventure, needing a portable, private, personal place wherein to express themselves.

But, even more beguiling, is learning how the history of the notebook is so tied to navigation, to boats and to maps!

Read about how paper transformed note taking, how diary keeping transformed fortunes, when notebooks became sketchbooks…and many other bookish delights.

Sukhdev Sandu concludes his review with a heartfelt assessment:

“Paying attention, caring, handwriting: this is love.”

The Notebook: A history of Thinking on Paper, by Roland Allen, published by Profile Books.

Find the How to: Make a notebook project on the blog, and make a notebook of your own.

Buy your copy from Golden Hare Books, with the code bookbinderbookreview32 to get 10% off until 13th January 2024.

2 thoughts on “The Notebook: Book Review

  1. Thanks so much for this review! Really appreciate it.

    And you’re right about the boats etc. When people asked what I was writing about I used to say that the book was my ‘Italian-Merchant Theory of Everything’ – the first draft had even more of them, sailing around the place, writing in notebooks, making our world what it is…

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