Rag & Pulp: Book Review

The Travelling Bookbinder: Book Review: Rag & Pulp: Uppercase: Correy Baldwin: Janine Vangool

We’d be nothing without paper! Trade, communication, finance and civilisation were founded on it. Bookbinders can’t live without it. Now this Rag & Pulp: Book Review strongly recommends reading about a (beautifully curated) variety of ways you can get creative with it.

Number Eleven in the splendid Encyclopedia of Inspiration, Rag & Pulp showcases forty-two people who use paper as a means of expression. Discover folders, marblers, printers, jewellers, weavers, binders and more.

There are many ‘friends’ between these pages, perhaps only known online, but all of whom bring so much warmth and inspiration. Particular shout outs to Bari Zaki Studio and Vintage Paper Co.

The book’s design allows us to really meet each Rag & Pulp creative in generous, spacious, colourful spreads. It’s a gem to keep close by, to banish bleak times.

Rag & Pulp: Creativity With Paper, written by Correy Baldwin, designed by Janine Vangool, is the latest in The Uppercase Encyclopedia of Inspiration series.

Get YOUR copy from Golden Hare Books using code bookbinderbookreview33 to get 10% off!

Find instructions for how to make your own little January Tunnel Book with cotton rag paper here.

*Thank you dear Kim for sending me this book after our Paris Love Letters adventure XXX*

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