Today’s Changing Room Book Review

The Travelling Bookbinder: Today's Changing Room: Book on the rocks

Well this is a first – reviewing a book of my own! Welcome to Today’s Changing Room Book Review.

Here are eight benefits of a book about sea swimming:

1. To celebrate the sea and rocks – Encouraging you to enjoy natural, free resources. Scotland has a high ratio of coast to population so there’s usually plenty to go round.

2. To show that you don’t need special kit for sea swimming, that you can swim year round. Just take responsibility for yourself and know your limits – even 30 seconds in the sea in February has exhilarating benefits.

3. To document the passing seasons. By regularly capturing your local environment on film you see how the light changes, when the tide is high, where the sun comes up…

4. The pleasure of repetition. Develop a creative habit. Establishing a habit is a good way to counter resistance ie. to the shock of cold water. Build up resilience, so that eventually you just do it!

The Travelling Bookbinder: Today's Changing Room: Getting changed (Calm Amongst the Chaos frock)

5. To share joy. Beach ready body? Well of course! Plus size? Extra insulation. The sea welcomes all shapes…it’s ridiculously liberating. Read about awakening your blue mind here.

6. To encourage noticing. The small everyday details that you see when you look, gathered together in a book. Focusing on the present. Accumulating moments.

7. Contrast of manufactured with the elemental. Follow the year as wellington boots give way to sandals, waterproof layers are discarded for dresses and colour pops against the island landscape.

8. To see another part of a book artist’s life in book form. A glimpse into a significant element of any Iona day: The ever-changing wild sea.

The Travelling Bookbinder: Today's Changing Room: Emerging from the sea at sunrise

Today’s Changing Room, by Rachel Hazell, is published in an edition of 1000 copies, with the proceeds going to Bluetonic.

To get your copy with a 10% discount from Golden Hare Books use the code bookbinderbookreview34 until 25th March.

Who took these gorgous pictures?! Well dear Hannah Nunn did, and wrote a beautiful blog about her whole visit to Iona.

And shout outs to Deakin & Blue (for the most splendid and comfy red cozzie), Dunlop (for the best yellow wellies) and Dryrobe (for designing a capacious hug of a coat.)

2 thoughts on “Today’s Changing Room Book Review

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience of swimming in the sea. I’m going back to France after leaving for 31 years in California, in the mountains surrounding Los Angeles. I’ll be I Antibes on the French Riviera. You sure excite my curiosity in trying swimming in the sea. l’m now looking forward to swim in the Mediterranean.
    Thank you

    1. Amazing! I’ll think of you dipping in your toes…and then in up to the ankles…slowly slowly!Please let us know how you get on X

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