Book Review: On Purpose

The Travelling Bookbinder: Book review: On Purpose: Ten Lessons On The Meaning Of Life: Ben Hutchison

Sometimes, there are more questions than answers. Often, solace can be found within the pages of literature. This book review: On Purpose reflects on the meaning of life.

An intellectually rigorous read, a deep dive, worth persevering for the pearls.

In the late 1990s Ben Hutchison had an epiphany: words give our lives meaning.

He went on to examine how language opens up unparalleled worlds of insight and understanding.

Referencing thinkers and writers such as Rilke, Nietzsche, Eliot and Woolf, as well as personal experience, we are given ten recommendations for how to find purpose in today’s world.

On Purpose: Ten Lessons on the Meaning of Life, by Ben Hutchison, is published by Fourth Estate, an imprint of Harper Collins.

Listen to Ben Hutchison talking with the excellent London Writer’s Salon about writing and reading as tools for a meaningful life.

Get your copy, with 10% off, from Golden Hare Books, using this code: bookbinderbookreview35 until 21 April.

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