The Astronomers’ Library: Book Review

The Travelling Bookbinder: Book review: The Astronomers' Library: Karen Masters: Published by Ivy Press: Quarto

From the earliest star charts to contemporary science, discover a constellation of treasures in one volume. Read through a fabulously curated selection and illuminate your own night skies. I hope you enjoy The Astronomers’ Library: Book review.

Any map can take us to places in our imagination, but the vast expanse of space has unlimited possibilities, as seen in a myriad of cultural representations displayed in this book.

Become a selenographer – someone who studies the surface and shape of the moon, or draw your own beautiful comet, knowing that the word means ‘long-haired star’ in Greek! My favourite characters are the assertive cherubs who do their own astronomy in the corners of a page from a 1647 atlas.

The Astronomers’ Library: The Books that Unlocked the Mysteries of the Universe by Karen Masters, published by Ivy Press, an imprint of Quarto.

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MapLove has more than fourteen mapping projects, including a special sentimental star themed book.

Learn how to make a star map here.

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