PaperLove Materials

Throughout the course Rachel encourages you to use what you have around you. Many of the exercises can be carried out using everyday items and papers you would find around your house, but there are a few specialist pieces of equipment you will need to fully benefit from all the exercises in the course.

Basic materials

A bone folder
A bookbinder’s needle (or tapestry needle) – any needle with a largish hole
Linen thread (You will need around 15m)
Masking tape
A notebook for all your musings

Other materials

An A4 (or larger) cutting mat
A4 paper (copier paper is fine)
Pen(s) (any you like writing with)
A chunky pencil with soft lead
A mechanical pencil or sharpened ordinary pencil
Glue stick
PVA glue
Double sided sticky tape
A metal coat hanger
A small brush and a wide flat brush
A metal ruler (any size)
A pricker/awl (or you could use a needle and a thimble to make holes in the paper instead)
Thick card/grey board (ideally 2mm thick if you can find it – the back board of a pad of paper could be used)
10 sheets of A3 160gsm+ cartridge paper
A variety of your own papers (anything from specialist paper and gorgeous gift wrap to old invoices or manuscript paper etc – use whatever you have around the house)
A thin stick
Some Indian ink

Optional extras

Old books you are happy to cut up
Bulldog clip
Masking tape
Rubber alphabet stamps
Large pieces of paper
Jam jar for glue
Tissue paper
A camera
A printer
Access to a sewing machine

Please note you do not have to purchase any specialist paper for this course, but if you want to then Rachel’s favourite is Somerset.