Gathering: A Virtual Retreat (for US time zones EDT/PDT)

24 – 25 April and 1-2 May 2021

Four sessions over two weekends of making and writing, foraging and listening, connecting and sharing.

Since in-person workshops are impossible at the moment we have created an online experience: spend a concentrated time over two weekends collecting, assembling, binding and coming together.

Gathering is a bookart retreat led by Rachel Hazell in your own home, using easily available materials, and two large sheets of paper.

The main binding structure we’ll use is a variation of the Slit Slot book in Bound, developed to incorporate a variety of text and inkery, collage and colour.

After ‘meeting’ on the first Saturday morning, we’ll continue to stretch our horizons, focusing in on delicate details and expanding limits over the course of four sessions together.

There will be plenty of time working as a small group and apart, with bursts of activity, moments of reflection…and synchronised tea breaks.

Hosted live on Zoom.

To accommodate our friends living in different time zones we are running this Gathering over two weekends. Those living in EDT will log on between 1pm and 4pm each day and those living in PDT will log on between 10am and 1pm.

Limited to ten participants.


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Gathering Together

We’ll begin gently with an introduction to the ideas explored in this workshop, and a run through of our schedule.

Then a quick project to get hands and eyes in sync.

We’ll move on to gathering things and thoughts. Spark your curiosity by collecting resources from your immediate environment. Make lists of sensations and certainties! Amass inspiration from the inexhaustible range of possibilities around us.

Homework: Exploratory exercise – a creative meander (outside, if possible).

Space for three one – to – one tutorials, ten minutes to talk with Rachel.


Gathering Ideas

Take half an hour before we start for writing, tuning senses.

We’ll continue by gathering words onto paper. Gathering shape and colour from our surroundings. Preparing pages, making marks.

Space for three one – to – one tutorials, ten minutes to talk with Rachel.


Gathering Pages

Take half an hour before we start for writing, reflecting, noting.

Gathering pages: Editing, collating, designing. Decide on order, play with arrangements of rhythm and space.

Experiment with the binding structure – proportions and possibilities.

Space for three one – to – one tutorials, ten minutes to talk with Rachel.



Gathering Impressions

Take half an hour before we start for planning and evaluating.

Binding: Cutting paper down, constructing your Slot Strip book, adding finishing touches. Gathering impressions of your work, with photography and maybe film.

Grand finale:

Gathering together, showing and sharing, celebrating. Bring what you have gathered.

The last one-to-one ten minute tutorial with Rachel.

Things to Gather

  • Something to write on or in – a notebook or sheaf of blank paper.
  • Something to write with
  • A selection of papers – copy paper, coloured papers, thin card, an old book to repurpose, some magazines or catalogues to cut up
  • Two large sheets of thick paper, preferably short – grain, 190gsm minimum, up to 300gsm maximum (roughly 90lb to 140lb)
  • A variety of mark-making instruments: from pens to crayons, dip pens to graphite sticks
  • Ink, paint – whatever you have
  • A glue stick
  • Cutting mat
  • Scalpel
  • Scissors
  • Some linen thread, or string, or thong – about 90cm
  • A camera or smart phone, for taking photographs and short clips of film (not essential!)

Please read the Terms and Conditions before booking and email with any queries.