Stockholm Stories

12 – 15 September 2019

The Stockholm archipelago is rich with stories.

This workshop is for you if you are looking for time to reflect; to develop your craft and creativity, to tease out new ideas and have space to follow your own narrative. Expect three days of playful working in the relaxed environment of an artist’s studio on the island of Langholmen.

There’ll be opportunities to pause and be receptive to the world around you, pulling threads from the Stockholm landscape to develop your ideas. With Rachel Hazell as your guide, you’ll learn how to translate your ideas into an ingenious slotted book structure, working on content and form to create a unique book of your own.

‘I’ve been teaching bookbinding for over twenty years and thinking about running a workshop in Stockholm for nearly as many – I‘m delighted to have brought this dream to fruition. Stockholm is a smorgasbord for art, culture and ideas. It’s exhilarating to experience the synergy that results from exploring and engaging with a city. This is especially true of such a design-orientated city as Stockholm. I’m so excited by the opportunities and work we will produce as a result.’ 

We invite you to come and make books on the island of Langholmen.


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Day 1


Gather for a drink and orientation at a central Stockholm establishment. For an hour or so, we’ll share brief introductions, meet your fellow group members and discuss plans for the workshop weekend.

Day 2

Binding Structures

Meet on the island of Langholmen at ten o’clock, ready to discover our studio space.

A full day of folding and binding, getting acquainted with ingenious structures. Starting with a simple notebook for recording your sketches and designs. Experiment with scale and page proportions. Produce a series of maquettes to develop.

Day 3

Mark Making

Explore ideas and inspirations for the content of your Stockholm Stories piece.

Drawing on internal and external landscapes, begin collecting themes. Discuss how the book form enhances the ‘story’ you want to tell.

A day of mark-making, playful text generation and working up narratives. Using ink, watercolour and stitch, you’ll fill pages with a unique record of this time and place.

Day 4


First create covers for your book, gluing custom-designed papers to thick board. These will then be set aside in a press to dry flat.

Collect sections together in order, complete final details and slit the pages, ready to assemble. Attach boards.

Share one last fika together and take time to look at everybody’s books.

Please Note

Each day starts at 10am and finishes at about 4pm.

Evening of 12th we meet for drink, workshop 13th – 15th

Accommodation and meals are not included. Please email for a list of suggested places to stay, although this is the closest.

Workshop drinks and fika are provided, as are all materials and a goody bag.

Itineraries are provisional and could be subject to change.

This course can be purchased as a gift. Please let us know the recipient’s details in the ‘additional information’ box at check out.

Please read the terms and conditions before booking and e-mail with any queries.


Available now