Testimonial Bath

From our in-person workshops…


Thank you for a wonderful inspirational course in beautiful Bath. Your patience, gentle humour and generous sharing of skills and knowledge made for such an enjoyable experience.  


Rachel is the best at bringing joy to her work and teaching and the perfect mix of making, connecting, and experiencing the city.


Your ability to welcome people is heart-warming and this kindness is in everything you did for this retreat..I felt absolutely cherished and valued from the moment I stepped off the ferry.What am I leaving behind? A bit of me, full of joy and excitement. I spent the journey home telling myself sternly it is not practical for me to run away from London and live on a Scottish island.


To our online experiences,


Beautiful, inspiring, fun, creative … bursting with delicious loveliness and goodies that will make you happy.


So Much Fun. Enjoyable, well planned, suitable for most skill levels. All in all, this course is better than all other classes for book making/ art making courses that I have made in the past 20 Years. 


The instructions were much clearer than other courses and Rachel was always on hand to help and encourage. It was pitched in a more realistic way than many books are, which expect you to have some ridiculously expensive equipment. Definitely the best I have done.


The best online course to introduce you to bookmaking and to ease you into filling your books with your own writing. Rachel is a special person who is very good at communicating her joy and passion for making books. Her enthusiasm carries you along into achieving something you never thought you could.


Rachel over delivers and anyone with an interest in bookbinding, novice to experienced will find their time well spent.


It’s a phenomenal course. Worth every penny. Instructions are detailed and easy to follow. If you would like to learn to make books, this is a course you need to take.


We would like to say MANY thanks for these kind words.

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